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guerilla docs

Jeffrey Perkins, Fluxfilm No. 22, 'Shout', 1966.
Camera: Yoko Ono. 
With: Jeff Perkins and Anthony Cox.

Jeffrey Perkins is an artist and film maker living in New York City. Having had a background in the US Airforce and a large stint of time working as an taxi driver which in turn literally became the vehicle for one his most successful works, Jeffrey has gone on to have an extensive career in the arts, which includes well over a hundred solo and group shows at major museums and galleries worldwide, including The Getty Museum, The Centre Pompidou, Daniel Reich Gallery, The 1993 Venice Biennale and The Emily Harvey Foundation. His work is also included in the Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

He made his documentary feature film debut in 2008 with 'The painter Sam Francis', a beautiful account of the remarkable painter Sam Francis with whom Jeffrey was very close and had been collecting footage of over the course of many years. Again it was this unique bond with Francis himself that allowed such a natural and unseen portrayal to be manifested in a very thoughtful and careful film.

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