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Stills from 'Zefiro Torna', Jonas Mekas, 1992.

A portrait of George 'Mr. Fluxus' Maciunas.
A documentary film by
Jeffrey Perkins.

GuerillaDocs has recently been working on a new production in New York alongside artist filmmaker Jeffrey Perkins on his highly anticipated documentary feature 'George'. A portrait of George 'Mr. Fluxus' Maciunas. The film invites an extensive insight and brings new light and life to the often forgotten founder of Fluxus, one of the most highly influential periods in contemporary art to date. Inevitably the film also explores the movement itself and thus includes both recent and rare unseen interviews with over thirty artists, critics, family members and philosophers including Yoko Ono, Jonas Mekas, Nam June Paik and Ben Vautier to mention only a few.

Jeffrey's own personal involvement in the movement, even having been titled the 'Fluxus cab driver' by Nam June Paik allows for an ever more thorough and poetic portrayal into the life and mind of one of the most highly intriguing yet often overlooked artistic minds. For the past year Jeffrey has been travelling the world interviewing those significant to and knowledgeable about George's life both prior and during his time with Fluxus, collecting endless archival materials and has been working incessantly towards this dedicated portrait. GuerillaDocs would like to stress that as of yet, Jeffrey has entirely self funded the film and it is due to his absolute passion for the subject and intimate friendships with the interviewees that this film has been able to come this far and with such strength in it's content and aesthetic treatment. However it has now reached a stage in which we are seeking outside funds to allow it to progress further. GuerillaDocs is now continuing with the project in both London and Berlin, trying to raise awareness and funding for the film, whilst Jeffrey and the rest of the team are working steadily with the material already produced as well as also trying to obtain funding for the final pre production stage and to take us into post production.

We are currently working on a trailer/teaser for the film and will soon be creating crowd funding platforms. We are also looking for independent or organisation funding. For further information on the film or ways to get involved please do not hesitate to contact either Sidonie Roberts or Mimi Schulz. More updates and links to a teaser of the film will be coming very shortly, so please do keep checking back for the latest information on this much needed ode of a film.

In the meantime, take a look at the films official website for more about the film and its collaborators.

Director  Jeffrey Perkins
Producer Jonas Mekas
Associate producer  Cassidy Petrazzi
Production assistant  Jared Ashburn
Production company  GuerillaDocs